About Us

We are an exciting new startup who are passionate about travelling, experiencing new things, meeting new people and making the most out of life! Our ethos is to help you love, laugh and live, and this runs through every aspect of who we are as a company.

Our Beginning

We were started by a couple of friends who were extremely lucky to have London (the greatest city in the world) on their doorstep. They decided to combine that with a love for life, and Your London Connect was born.

We found that people would struggle when planning their London outing, which could range from looking for advice for things to see and do, a site to buy attraction tickets from and ideas for things to see for free. Hardly any websites had this all together, and others just had too much information in a difficult to navigate system! This left people a choice of either visiting numerous different websites to get what they needed, or being bombarded with an information overload, which is the last thing they need when trying to arrange an awesome experience in London!

So we began our maiden voyage in connecting tourists what they want in one easy to use website, so they can spend more of their time enjoying what London has to offer.

Our Social Mission

Whilst we realise we are very lucky to be part of an exciting industry in an incredible city, we also recognise our responsibility for this city and the people within it. We want our ethos to ‘help people love, laugh and live’ cover everybody connected to London, and we do our best to make this a reality.

We to use our position to benefit wider communities through social outreach events, which are designed to give something back and to raise awareness of ‘responsible tourism’.

We pride ourselves on being a tourism organisation with a difference, by focusing on responsibility and accountability by using profits to drive our social missions to help local communities.


To make people have the best London experience possible.


We connect people to London attractions, restaurants and all kinds of businesses.


We work with our partners to give back to those in need and make London a better place for all.

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