5 tips to make the most from your visit to the Shard

December 20, 2016 / By

If you’re keen on getting a birds’ eye view of London, then you’d probably like to pay a visit to the View from the Shard located up in the clouds on the 69th floor of the tallest building in Europe! You’ll know the one; it’s the structure that lives up to its name, looking like a shard of glass poking up into the London sky. It’s pretty much visible from anywhere in Central London, and recently even hosted Britain’s treasure Sir David Attenborough whilst he filmed Planet Earth 2 from the very top!

During a recent visit by ourselves, we had our view from the top greeted with a more clouds and mist than spectacular views (at zero visibility!), but despite this it was still a great day out, and luckily the clouds even cleared a little in the end for us.

Anyway, we’ve put together some top tips so you can make the most of your trip to the Shard and have a great (hopefully less cloudy) time too.

1. Our first tip for you is to check the weather before booking your time slot! If there’s going to be heavy mist then you are probably better attending one of the other awesome London attractions and leaving this one for another day. Of course, the weather man isn’t always right, and on the odd occasion he may forecast a beautiful clear day, for you to be greeted with unwanted clouds of mist. Well, if this does happen, the team at the Shard are more than accommodating and will let you rearrange your time slot for one later that day or another day entirely.

2. Our next tip is to book in advance. Even if you just book the day before going, you’ll be paying the online rates rather than the walk up rate which can save you a lot of money. You’ll also save yourself from waiting in a long ticket queue; so if you know in advance that you are going pay the Shard a visit then it’s a no brainer!

3. Our third tip is to let yourself soak it all in rather than rushing around! You can find out loads of interesting facts about the building itself and its construction, which make for a better all-round experience and appreciation! You can also let something else soak in once you find the champagne bar (it cannot be missed), and you’ll enjoy your view even more with a little tipple.

4. Our fourth tip is to get yourself ready to feel dizzy! Well this isn’t going to be the case for everybody, but it certainly was for us! When you are at the bottom of the building it looks high, but at the top, when you walk up to the glass, you then realise why this is Europe’s tallest building as it feels terrifyingly high up (in an exciting way of course!).

5. Our final tip is to make sure you go to the open air viewing platform, which is surprisingly easy to miss (some of our friends thought there was just the one viewing platform until we showed them the stairs go up even further). On this higher platform you are open to the elements, and if you are like us and find the platform below scary, then this is gut wrenching (but again awesome at the same time).

So there you go, our top tips to make the most out of your visit to the Shard. Of course you’ll want to take some cool selfies from the top, but we don’t need to remind you about that one! If you send them to us, we’d love to show them on our website too!

Good luck!

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